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On 14/08/2019 5:51 pm, Graham Alston wrote:
I'm curious, how do you manage to get the correct DXCC for stations, for example, like TO5M and ZL5A, when they would normally map to France and NZ respectively?

Do you check each decode against ClubLog or qrz.com?

Reason I ask is that my logging program sometimes gets it wrong, whereas JtAlert seems 100% correct.

If this is proprietary please ignore.

Graham VK3GA

JTAlert uses a modified version of the AD1C cty.dat file which explicitly has an override for TO5M. This modified cty.dat (sqlite file with indexing for much faster lookup and held in memory) is included with each release of JTAlert with the version included in the Callsign Database download often being later than the version bundled with JTAlert.

Online lookups are NEVER done in real-time against the incoming decodes stream. Online lookups are restricted (due to the slowness of Internet lookups) to your current QSO partner (the DXCall in WSJT-X) where a couple of seconds delay in getting results are of no consequence.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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