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On 14/08/2019 6:44 pm, Bill Snyder wrote:

Laurie thanks, I am referring to QSO History, Qso History seems to work fine in every mode except FT4. When using FT4 the QSO History window will show the call sign I am calling, but will never show the QSO worked. I am using WSJT-X V2.1.0 64 bit version, HRD Logbook and JTAlert 2.14.2 . When an FT4 QSO is completed and logged, JTAlert will not show this callsign as worked B4, even though  get a successful prompt.

Not sure what is happening, thanks

de Bill - K3ABE


Thanks for the detail update.
I don't have HRD here so cannot test it. I note the original poster was also using HRD, so perhaps that is the problem. I know that HRD has had significant issues with FT4 logging & upload to Lotw with some very bad advice on how to workaround their logbook limitations with respect to the new adif specs for FT4 that made things worse.

For a callsign you know you have worked previously on FT4, check HRDLogbook for QSOs with that Callsign and examine the mode recorded, is it FT4 or MFSK?

In the interim, I will run some tests against the other loggers to determine if it is a JTAlert problem with the recent changes made to accommodate FT4.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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