locked Re: upload lotw,in ft4


I'm sorry, but I do not understand, first menu of what?
if you could be more precise, and why not with screenshot, I do not handle your language well, I use my friend google


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Objet : Re: [HamApps] upload lotw,in ft4
Did you look at the log file as it says to do?  Sounds like it doesn't like your certificate setup.
You can turn on diagnostic mode in the first menu and I think that should tell you what you need to know.

de Mike W9MDB

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I have this when I try

ON5PO, Janny


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Objet : [HamApps] upload lotw,in ft4
Hello everyone ,
in ft4 I have a blocking when I want to "upload" the qso done, I do not know or intervene, if it is in jtalert, 2.14.2 wsjtx 2.1.0, hrd 6.6 logboock, or lotw.
it works in ft8, but not in ft4
Who can explain to me
thank you
ON5PO, Janny

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