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Robert, SP8SN

Yes, all works fine now. Thank You.
Best regards, Robert

W dniu 2019-08-14 o 01:37, HamApps Support (VK3AMA) pisze:

On 13/08/2019 8:09 pm, Robert, SP8SN wrote:
So, is there any possibility that JTAlert would not consider confirmation, but only working grid. I mean, if I had QSO in my log with KO01 for example, JTAlert will not show "wanted grid" when decode KO11 station, even if the log KO11 is not confirmed. In short, I don't care about confirmation but about working with a given grid locator.
Regards, Robert SP8SN
Ignoring QSL confirmations is available for all the Alert types. The settings are independent of each other so you could have LoTW cfm required for say Dxcc alerts and worked only for Grids. Its your choice. See the settings for each Alert under the "Scan Log & Rebuild" section of the Settings window. Use the scrollbar to bring the Grid settings into view.



de Laurie VK3AMA

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