locked Re: JTAlert & Wanted Grid

Robert, SP8SN

OK thank You, I will test it.
Best 73

W dniu 2019-08-13 o 16:52, Tom Melvin pisze:


Into Settings -> Scan Log and Rebuild 

Make sure ‘No QSL Confirmation (Any Worked Station) is TICKED

for the Wanted Grids entry



On 13 Aug 2019, at 11:09, Robert, SP8SN <r.krokowski@...> wrote:

Thamk You Laurie.
So, is there any possibility that JTAlert would not consider confirmation, but only working grid. I mean, if I had QSO in my log with KO01 for example, JTAlert will not show "wanted grid" when decode KO11 station, even if the log KO11 is not confirmed. In short, I don't care about confirmation but about working with a given grid locator.
Regards, Robert SP8SN

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