locked Re: [Ham-Apps] how do I stop JT65 alert from 'stealing' the F2 function

Jim - N4ST

I'm not in the hamshack at the moment so can't tell you the exact menu, but
in the configuration setup for JT-Alert (near the bottom of the menu, I
think) there are checkboxes for enabling hot-keys.
You want to turn F2 off to restore normal Windows function.

Jim - N4ST

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Subject: [Ham-Apps] how do I stop JT65 alert from 'stealing' the F2 function

I did send an email about this several weeks ago just after installing
version 2.1.1 & never got an answer so here I am.

I have just installed version 2.1.2 of JT Alert and, for quite a number of
versions now, I have had this problem and cannot find how to stop it.

I did manage by accident several versions ago to stop it, but subsequent
versions have overwritten my settings and it is doing it again.

The F2 key is, in windows, the key used for file renaming. On my computer I
frequently rename files however, with JT65 Alert running, even when JT65
Alert is NOT the active window, and, even if JT65 Alert is minimised,
pressing the F2key brings up a "Callsigns Spotting per Band" window

Would someone please tell me what setting in JT65 Alert stops it from
stealing the F2 key.

And a suggestion for future versions... if JT65 Alert is NOT the active
window revert the F2 key to its former function


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