locked Re: False positive on Bull Guard AV - dealt with

Rick W7PSK

Ive always read with amuzement these messages,  Until the latest version. I started getting all the warnings about viruses

and the software disabled.  I simply made an exception and it went away.  Its weird as Ive never had an issue.  Funny all these

virus protections are calling it bad.

On 8/1/2019 1:46 AM, chas cartmel wrote:


Just to advise that I have had my AV throw up a false positive on the latest JTAlert software.
Easily dealt with: I went to settings on the Anti-Virus section of the BG start menu and entered the folder path in the ‘Exclude files/folders’ section.
The quarantined file then stayed in the JTAlert folder when restored.

Problem solved

Maybe help someone, however as many complain without searching/reading previous posts then difference may be minimal.






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