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On 24/07/2019 12:46 pm, John Petrocelli via Groups.Io wrote:
   Normally on the left side of the JTAlert display it may indicate "New Band" (for example) for a particular callsign.  After working that station I would expect to see it change to "Worked B4" after the logging.  However, it does not change when using FT4.  Yet at the top the "shading" will reflect the "B4" status along with a "B4" after the station's callsign.  It does not seem how long I wait.

When running FT8 the status will change from "New Band" to "Worked B4".
Wondering if this is an anomaly.

This is due to the partial FT4 support in the version of JTAlert your running. At the end of logging, JTAlert queries the log for an updated Bands/Mode confirmed/worked lists. Until full FT4 support is implemented, that query does not include FT4 (only JT65, JT9 & FT8) causing the resulting Bands/Modes worked/confirmed status to be incorrect and always show new band.

The good news is that full FT4 support is now available with JTAlert 2.14.0 just today released.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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