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Jim - N4ST

Actually, Norton identifies a specific virus associated with JT-Alert.  A variation of a Cloud virus.  It’s not just the “low number of users” warning.  I am assuming this is a false positive.  McAfee and Windows Defender don’t flag it.


Jim – N4ST


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JT-Alert is virus free. Over 1700 active users of the program with no reported virus infections caused by JT-Alert.

You can view a result (100% virus free) of an online scan, against 20 different scanners, of the latest JT-Alert setup here...

Norton is problematic because it will erroneously flag a download because it doesn't have a high Internet presence, which is often the case with niche-market ham apps like JT-Alert.

My development PC is virus free and scanned daily. I also scan any new upload before making publicly available.

This has been discussed numerous times here in this forum.

You will have to disable Nortons or provider an override. Sorry, I can't provide specific instructions on achieving this.

de Laurie VK3AMA

On 24/02/2013 10:04 AM, Peter Watts wrote:

Nortons would not allow the program to be installed, saying it contained a virus.
Peter, VK5PX

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