locked Re: See Needed/Countries-Callsigns on JTAlertX that are not shown in WSJT-X Window

Michael Black

That would probably be a WSJT-X problem and not JTAlert.

de Mike W9MDB

On Thursday, July 4, 2019, 10:30:43 PM CDT, asobel@... <asobel@...> wrote:

Dear Laurie


The attached screen grab might interest you. It shows that JtAlert does not color all callsigns in braces

While it does color callsigns without braces. This issue is important because the uncolored are lost in the mass.

I am using Flex 6600 with 4 instances of WSJT-X and JtAlert.



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On 4/07/2019 11:34 am, Glen Jenkins WB4KTF wrote:

I am seeing new needed Callsigns from Countries in the JTAlert-X display in RED, but these are not appearing at all in the WSJT-X display.  This is a new issue to me.  I am running the very latest version of your wonderful application.  Do I have something set incorrectly in JTAlertX or in WSJY-X?
Always wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for your work on the program, I use it all of the time on FT-8.

Glen - WB4KTF


Its always good to get positive feedback about the software. Thanks.

It's not clear to me what your describing.
Are you saying that red alerting Callsigns in JTAlert are not appearing in WSJT-X or is it that the Callsigns in WSJT-X are not being colored red? If the later, are any of the WSJT-X Callsigns being colored by other triggered alerts or is it that none are being colored? Check that you have the coloring enabled in JTAlert....


Note: While the above shows "WSJT-X / JTDX" in the tree-view, the coloring of
Callsigns and Exchanges is NOT available for JTDX (the JTDX team stripped that
part of the WSJT-X code out of their version).

If your not seeing the alerted Callsigns in WSJT-X at all then I will need to see a screen-capture showing the effect. Take a screen-capture showing both the WSJT-X and JTAlert windows and please don't post your entire Windows desktop as this Groups image scaling will likely render the image unreadable, I just need to see WSJT-X and JTAlert only.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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