locked JTAlert to N3FJP on Networked Computer

techpubsman <RandyMather@...>

My club uses N3FJP Field Day logger for field day. We have five operating positions each with a laptop that network connects to a master laptop where the actual logging file exists. For the last few days I have set up the laptops in the network configuration we will be using this weekend and tried to get JTALert to play nicely with N3FJP FD Logging software. Read the tutorial and Looked at a lot of YouTube videos on the subject. Running the latest WSJT-X, JTAlert and FD Logging software versions. Just can not get them to work together. When I click on the TCP checkbox, the software indicates the software on that laptop is a client and you must connect to our master laptop which I have done. There is no interaction between JTALert and N3FJP.

Is there something out in there that has more "how to" information on my specific setup. Specifically, PCs networked together for logging using N3FJP?

If I can't solve this in the next couple of days, our FD team will just have to do the logging manually. Not a problem but just thought we could take advantage of the connection between the software packages.

Randy - AJ7B

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