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On 18/06/2019 5:00 am, joaquin@... wrote:
Hello problem only with the FT4 mode in hdrlog, registration error, but if you register it as MFSK, emn previous version if you registered without error in FT4 What?

I can't fault FT4 uploads to HRDLog.net, they are working here.

From my tests, HRDLog does not accept the ADIF SUBMODE which needs to be set to "FT4" if you upload the QSO as MODE = "MFSK", HRDLog just ignores the SUBMODE.

How are you uploading to HRDLog.net, is it via JTAlert or are you uploading an ADIF file manually?
JTAlert only uploads to HRDLog.net as MODE=FT4

If you upload as MFSK, when you check the QSO on HRDLog you will note there is no field for SUBMODE only MODE. The MODE field is a dropdown with FT4 as one of the options.


From what I can see, HRDLog only accepts FT4 QSOs when logged with MODE = FT4.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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