locked Re: [Ham-Apps] Re: Docking behaviour changed in 2.1.1

Laurie, VK3AMA <groups04@...>

Hi Ed,

There have been no changes in the Docking code for many several versions now.
There is very specific code to workaround unusual windows behaviour with respect to JT65-HF reporting non-standard Windows position codes.

Are you by any chance using the JT65 Comfort variant? My testing with Comfort only involved decoding and logging. I didn't test the Docking behaviour.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 23/02/2013 4:14 AM, Ed Wilson wrote:

This is not directly related to auto-start, but perhaps it is somewhat related. I have upgraded to JT-Alert 2.1.1 and it seems that its behaviour with respect to JT65-HF has changed.

If I run JT65-HF and JT-Alert together, I choose the option to lock JT-Alert to the top of the JT65-HF window. In versions before 2.1, I could "cover-up" JT65-HF and JT-Alert with some other application (usually PowerSDR inĀ  my case) and when I made JT65-HF active again, JT-Alert would follow. Now, JT-Alert remains minimized and I have to click on its icon in the tray to make it visible with JT65-HF. As far as I can tell, all options that I have selected as the same as the ones that I had selected in the older versions. I realize that there are some new options in 2.1.1, but I do not think that they relate to this behaviour.

Please excuse me if I am just suffering from "old-timers disease".

Ed, K0KC

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