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Ed Wilson


This is not directly related to auto-start, but perhaps it is somewhat related. I have upgraded to JT-Alert 2.1.1 and it seems that its behaviour with respect to JT65-HF has changed.

If I run JT65-HF and JT-Alert together, I choose the option to lock JT-Alert to the top of the JT65-HF window. In versions before 2.1, I could "cover-up" JT65-HF and JT-Alert with some other application (usually PowerSDR in  my case) and when I made JT65-HF active again, JT-Alert would follow. Now, JT-Alert remains minimized and I have to click on its icon in the tray to make it visible with JT65-HF. As far as I can tell, all options that I have selected as the same as the ones that I had selected in the older versions. I realize that there are some new options in 2.1.1, but I do not think that they relate to this behaviour.

Please excuse me if I am just suffering from "old-timers disease".

Ed, K0KC

From: "Laurie, VK3AMA"
To: Ham-Apps@...
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2013 9:34 PM
Subject: Re: [Ham-Apps] Re: Can't auto start JT65 AND JT-Macros


I can't reproduce that behaviour here. Tested under Win7 and XP. There have been no changes to the auto-start code for several versions now.

Please setup the auto-start applications again. Then restart JT-Alert. Once JT-Alert is running use the "Settings -> Contact Support" menu to send me your Configuration and Session files for analysis.

de Laurie VK3AMA

On 22/02/2013 11:30 AM, jeff29754 wrote:
Laurie, 2.1.1 may have fixed the email, but NOW i can't auto start jt65 AND macro's now. Tried clearing those settings and applying them, then set them both up again with another "apply", even rebooted the PC to see if that would work.

No can do, auto start simply does'nt work anymore.


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