locked JT Alert Not Updating Worked Status from HRD Log

KI0KK - Greg Wolfe

I have recently moved my WSJT-X/JT Alert APPs to a new desktop Del PC and now cannot get the "Scan Log and Rebuild" function to correctly update the "Worked" status in JT Alert from HRD Log ver 6. JT Alert shows that I need all states and or countries.  I can manually reset the status but the Log Scan overwrites it back to show no states or countries worked.

WSJT-X version 2.0.1
JT Alert version 2.10.10
HRD Log Version

This combination of software versions was working on the old PC. I do have the "Card" and "LOTW" boxes set for the worked status indicator.

I am running on a FLEX 6400 using Slice Master if that has any bearing?

Any suggestions? I was not finding anything already in the group postings that seemed to apply.

Greg Wolfe

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