locked New JTAlert 2.13.6 available. #Announcement #NewRelease

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

The Latest JTAlert version 2.13.6 is now available @ https://HamApps.com

The Release Notes...

  New Features:
    - Decodes History: Highlight excessive DT values (bold font + red background).
       (Default: ON, threshold 1.5 sec, Window: Decodes History Settings).
    - Excessive DT highlighting within the WSJT-X Band Activity panel.
       (Default: ON, threshold 1.5 sec, Window: Settings, Section: Applications, WSJT-X).
    - Option to log FT4 mode QSOs as ADIF 3.1.0 compliant, MODE=MFSK + SUBMODE=FT4.
       Available for ADIF File, last QSO ADIF, DXKeeper, Log4OM, & HRD 6.5+ only.
       *** NOTE *** Do not enable this option unless your Logger has been updated
       to require this MODE/SUBMODE for FT4 QSOs.
       (Default: OFF, Window: Settings, Section: Logging).

    - Alert color highlighting of Callsigns in WSJT-X has been extended to highlight
      the entire decode message when the decode is a CQ. Non CQ decodes will only
      highlight the Tx Callsign (as in previous versions).

    - With the "hide B4" filter active, Wanted Alerts were not shown/played when
       Callsign was a B4 and the Ignore B4 option for the Alert is enabled.
  Note: The DT value highlighting in WSJT-X and the Decodes History involve
        independant settings that are not syncronised. The enabling and the DT
        threshold value for WSJT-X highlighting is handled by The JTAlert Settings
        while the Decodes History has its own independant settings.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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