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My FTdx5000 works on 60m without the MARS mod. I use the same config as the other bands. I set the WSJT freq at 5357. Set the rig freq at 5358.5 and check "TX Hold" on WSJT. Will only transmit from 1500 (5358.5) up to about 1800 on the waterfall. Will not tx at 1499. Thats enough to find a clear spot. I try to stay close to 1500. Enable the VOX and I'm good to go.

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Have you done the MARS modification on your FTDX-3000 yet? I had the same behavior before I did the mod. Once I completed the mod - 60 meter worked fine on the rig.

for reference: http://radioaficion.com/cms/ft-dx3000d-mod-marscap/

73, Mark - KD2NOM
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