locked "Decode History" with FT4

Jean-Claude F1DSZ

Hello Hall
Following your request on Hammpps / group
The procedure to follow to operate "Decode History" with FT4
deletes "decodes.sqlite" and "lookup.sqlite" (only)
To open AppData, do it by searching.
When the window opens, you may have a lot of things displayed in the title bar at the top of this window.
you click on "HamApps" in this one
Go to: C:\AppData \ Local \ HamApps \ JTAlert \ F1DSZ\ Decode    and then you delete decodes.sqlite" and "lookup.sqlite
(Your call comes alone) after clicking on JTalert.)
Follow my P.J.'s carefully, starting with number 1. Good luck.
      73's J. Claude F1DSZ

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