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James Shaver (N2ADV)

This is really more suited for the WSJTX group rather than the HamApps group but I’ll copy and paste the response I put on Facebook to your post about this question:

“Nothing unless you’re in contest mode - for Roundup (RU) for US stations it’s their state and for DX it is a serial number (more info can be found in the RTTY RoundUp website which can be found via a brief Google search).  For Field day, nothing again unless you’re participating in field day and are using FT8 - then it would be the appropriate class information (more info is on the ARRL site under Field Day).”

So best idea is to search for the participation rules for The RTTY RoundUp and for Field Day where the exchange information is outlined in detail.  


Jim S. 

On May 2, 2019, at 3:14 PM, f1dsz@... wrote:

What to write in these two boxes
for the contests.
Thank you F1DSZ
<ontest réglages 2.jpg>

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