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I'm seeing the same slow down the past few days. Thought it was my computer or wifi connection. Otherwise all working normally, and nothing changed on my end. JTAlert is great. I learn a lot monitoring this forum and quick responses from Laurie and others is super. 73 Herb WB8ASI

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Yeah, I gotta say I was thinking the same thing last night. Nothing’s changed in my setup other than that I’m keeping current on updates, and everything works as expected, it’s just taking longer for JTA to populate. Could there be a change in the s/w of some kind that’s unexpectedly slowing things down?

On Apr 13, 2019, at 7:17 AM, Dwight Bosselman <NS9I@...> wrote:

It seems to take a long time , more and more lately, for JTA to populate it's boxes with the calls from WSJT-X.

Is there a way to speed that up?

73 Dwight NS9I

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