locked Need more Display Lines and Slots

Chad Kurszewski

On Oct 12, 2018 7:15 AM, Frank C. D'Amato wrote:
Would it be possible to have display lines go from 1-50 , and Display Slots go from 1-9?

I'm using it on a laptop and 2/3 of my screen is taken up by WSJT-X and Graph.  I would like to resize the JTalert bar for the other 1/3 of screen. I would need 3 across and 25 down
Sorry, not possible with the current v2 series of JTAlert.
The future JTAlert V3 (still many months away from release) will allow the user to freely resize the window  and the number of callsign slots displayed.

de Laurie VK3AMA

I'm routinely getting more than 4x9=36 decodes on 20M, and JTAlert doesn't process those calls that are beyond 36, meaning I could be missing opportunities for new DXCC, Grid, Marathon, States, etc.

I saw you mention v3 back in February 2017, and again in Oct 2018 (and I'm sure more times), when people asked for more lines/slots.  FT8 is becoming more and more popular, and the need for more display lines/slots increases.  Any chance of releasing v3 soon?

Thanks for an awesome program!
Chad WE9V

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