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On 6/04/2019 6:13 am, Murf via Groups.Io wrote:
what I did end up doing is 
stopping hamspot
stopping qrz lookup
put dxkeeper back    got to have that!
and is working fast... so I am guessing the 
internet apps where slowing me down.
maybe when qrz gets busy??
This sounds very much like Virus/Malware protection interference is the cause.

JTAlert will be unaffected by slow or lost Internet connectivity hanging the HamSpots & QRZ lookup processes as they are run as separate applications from JTAlert. These are the ".plugin" processes as observed in TaskManager. While these plugins can hang for extended periods they will not affect the main JTAlert processing.

As a test, I suggest enabling HamSpots again and see if the slowdown reappears. If it does that will indicate that something on your PC (likely your virus protection) is interfering with the plugin process and also the parent application that spawned that process, ie the main JTAlert process.

Normally, while JTAlert is running, you can physically disconnect from the Internet, thus breaking HamSpots spots and QRZ lookups, causing those processes to hang until their time-outs trigger without any noticeable impact on JTAlert. That is how it was designed.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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