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Jim - N4ST


You are correct about increasing the TOL value, WSJT-X will indeed do multiple decodes. Tried it out this morning. I didn't know that. I had just blindly followed the beginners guide. :-)
When you double click on the waterfall it resets TOL to 20Hz.

And, both decodes are written in to the C:\wsjtx\wsjtx_rx.log file.

Jim - N4ST

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Hi Laurie.

That's good news!

Somebody told me that by increasing the TOL value WSJT-X will do multiple decodes.

Among the many pitfalls for the user used to JT65-HF: you must click on the actual callsign of the staiton you want to reply to or it will put whatever was under the cursor in the DX call field. And double-clicking does not set your transmit frequency to the frequency of the transmission you double-clicked.

But JT9 seems to be the way ahead. It appears to work just as well as JT65A and is much narrower, so more QSOs can take place in the same amount of space.

Julian, G4ILO

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