locked Re: Auto Log to HRD Logbook #HRD #TIP

Michael Black

You can have WSJT-X log directly to HRD

Explanation in this link:

And there's an add-on for DXKeeper to publish to QRZ and HRDLog.net -- doesn't appear in can upload to either by itself.

de Mike W9MDB

On Sunday, March 31, 2019, 1:58:48 PM CDT, John Scheuer <johnuscheuer@...> wrote:

I use JTAlert all the time with WSJTx and it auto logs to DXKeeper. I would also like to use HRD logbook. My question is can I also auto-log to HRD logbook and DXKeeper at the same time?  I have HRD logbook on my QRZ.com page and I would like it to automatically update at the end of a contact. The alternative is being able to put my DXKeeper log on my QRZ.com page, is that a possibility. If so, how?
John  NA6Y

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