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Ed Wilson

Got it, Laurie...thanks to Mike while you were sleeping!

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I have been using JTAlert for many years, but never have had the need to launch multiple instances until today. I am using two instances of JTDX and have changed the default UDP port number from 2237 in the first instance of JTDX to 2238 in the second instance of JTDX. The first instance of JTAlert shows #1 and the second instance of JTAlert shows #2 but the settings are greyed-out in the second instance. Is there a way to allow the first instance of JTDX to communicate with the first instance of JTAlert and the second instance of JTDX to communicate with the second instance of JTAlert? The two instances of JTDX have different rig names and in fact communicate with different rigs.

I bet that I am just missing something obvious here.


Ed, K0KC
Grey-out Settings menu on instance #2 is expected behaviour. See the Help File, "Multiple Instances" topic.

Setting the unique UDP ports in WSJT-X is all that needs to be done, JTAlert automates the rest, just start JTAlert the required number of times.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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