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On 27/03/2019 7:45 pm, fkemmerer@... wrote:
I've downloaded and installed V2.13.2 of JTAlert and I'd like to take advantage of the DT summary display feature. I am using JTDX and DXLab (both latest versions) with JTAltert but I don't seem to be getting the DT display. I'm not exactly sure where it would be displayed or if I need to set an option or change configuration to get this going. Can someone please help me to sort this out?

Thank you,
Fred, AB1OC

Did you read the release notes and view the help file as instructed?
The Help file has images showing where the DT is displayed.

From the Release Notes...
    - Decodes History now displays in the status bar (to the right of the clock)
       a median calculation of decode DT values. Initially no display until
       sufficient samples (25) are collected. If the median DT exceeds +-2 it is
       colored red, while DTs between +-1 and +-2 are colored yellow. A tooltip
       provides information about the sample count and time period. See the
       "Introduction" topic of the Decodes History Help.

The DT is available in the Status bar of the Decodes History.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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