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If it's not to much of a problem I sure could use a copy of JT-Alert v1.5.9.. I'm running Ubuntu 11.10 and JT65HF in wine and can't get 2.0 to install..

I'm working on JT65 ePFX 300 and JT65 dxcc and I'm down to my last 20 on JT65 and last 10 on DXCC and it's getting to be a real pain to manually check worked B4 status in my logs

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Thanks, David.

The "why" is that I'm looking to run JT-Alert in Crossover/WINE, and v2.0 and above do not install. I mostly use JT-Alert for "worked B4" checking, so v1.5.9 (the last that I KNOW works 100% in Crossover/WINE) is all I really need.

So, it will be nice to have JT-Alert back up and running…and I'll keep working to get v2 running as well.


Dave Wright

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On Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 8:37 PM, David Westbrook wrote:

I have it -- i'll email you a copy directly in a moment.
I have 1.5.0 through 1.6.0 setup files ... 1.5.9 is from 2012-02-07 ...

For databases, i have JT-Alert_Databases_11.11.05_Setup.exe ... But that JT-Alert branch could use the DXLab databases, too, so you could always use those ... I have old copies of those as well if needed.

Now, the obligatory question :) Why are you looking for the v1.5.9?

LAURIE -- let me know if you want copies of any of these older installs, too.


On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 7:54 PM, hfradiopro wrote:

Hello all,

I've emailed Laurie with a negative response, so perhaps someone on the list can help me out.

I'm looking for a copy of JT-Alert v1.5.9. Does anyone still have the install file for this version? Also, ideally a copy of the database files that worked with this version (although that is a long shot, I know!)

If so, I'd like to figure out how to get a copy.

Thanks in advance and 73,

www.k3dcw.net (http://www.k3dcw.net)

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