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Jim - N4ST

I wish!
I have become so spoiled by the features that JT-Alert provides; I really
miss them when working JT9-1.
JT9-1 does write a text file to the hard drive on every decode cycle, and I
thought about trying to cobble together something that would read the file
and at least provide an audible alert and maybe implement the "B4" function
of JT-Alert, but I just don't have the skills to do that.

Jim - N4ST

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Hi Laurie.

I've just been playing with JT9-1 mode in WSJT-X. It's a nice mode, the
exchanges are the same as JT65, but the software makes it much easier to
screw things up than with JT65-HF.

Have you thought about doing a version of JT-Alert for WSJT-X? It would be
great to have the alerts and logging in Joe Taylor's new application!

Julian, G4ILO

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