locked JTAlert/Raspberry Pi Compatibility #POLL

Barrett WØASB

I found an older thread ( that was locked that showed interest in being able to communicate through the network to a remote computer; at first glance, this might seem like an odd/corner case request, but I would probably make a case that this is not as unusual as it sounds. I don't have a dedicated shack PC, but I use a Raspberry Pi that I stick in my shack and can remote into that runs WSJTX for all my QSOs. Reading through further threads, it appears that a Linux/Raspbian port would be out of the question for this software, so running JTAlert directly on the Pi is not likely.

There is a rumored-to-be-similar app that runs on Linux (AlarmeJT), but there appears to be little support for this and I have not seen evidence of a successful installation and execution of this program since a blog that was created around 2016. 

For this reason, I would like to gauge the interest in WSJT-X to JTAlert communication across a local network using UDP in remote computer/raspberry pi; Is there a desire for an implementation of this feature, or are there few people that are looking for this type of support? Are there other solutions that are being used for WSJTX & Raspberry Pi that I am not aware of?

Barrett W0ASB

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