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On 11/03/2019 10:25 pm, BOBBY E Chandler wrote:

Laurie, what I meant was the problem of clicking a call in JTAlert would work the first time and sometimes the second, but after that it would not enable the transmit. After a restart, it would work a one or two times but then not transmitting. I am running WSJTX on Windows 10. Hope this clears it up.



JTAlert doesn't control whether WSJT-X initiates Transmission, that is controlled by WSJT-X itself. Unless there have been any changes I am unaware of, WSJT-X will only activate TX if the decode was a CQ.

JTAlert will send the necessary directive, regardless of decode type (CQ or not), to WSJT-X by a single-click on a Callsign either in the main JTAlert window or the Decodes History window (ver 2.13.0+ only).

The easiest way to tell if WSJT-X is receiving the UDP "Reply" directive from JTAlert is to observe the DX Call field, it will change to the Callsign clicked in JTAlert.

When WSJT-X is not going to Transmit as you expect, is the DX Call changing?

de Laurie VK3AMA

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