locked Re: JTAlertX 2.13.0 Update #FT8 #JTDX

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 10/03/2019 1:12 am, Bob Davet wrote:
Weird issue here.
I upgraded today. Using JTDX and JTAlertX. Everything was seemingly working fine. Click on a call sign in JTAlertX and it triggered JTDX. Logged fine. Then clicked on a call sign and it triggered JTDX. The call sign did not come back to me right away  so JTDX kept calling. The call sign went into a QSO with another call. JTDX kicked the Enable TX out which it should. I waited for him or any other call sign to click on. Could not get JTAlertX to activate JTDX anymore. I could click on the callsign in JTDX and it functioned fine. JTAlertX was still showing call signs as it should but I couldnt get it to activate JTDX.
I closed JTDX and JTAlertX. Restarted them. That seemed to clear the problem or so I thought. Same issue started up again with another contact.
So I closed the programs again. Restarted them. Problem remained from the beginning this time.
Restarted the computer. Everything cleared and worked. Then it happened again.
Closed program and restarted. Cleared the problem. A little while later it was back.

Reinstalled JTAlertX 2.12.10.

So far that problem has not reappeared.
I don't even know where to start to figure this one out. Very random.


Try 2.13.0 again, but this time go into the JTAlert Settings and turn off Callsign Coloring. "Applications -> WSJT-X" section of the Settings window.


Let me know if that corrects the JTDX behaviour.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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