locked New JTAlert 2.13.0 available. Enhanced Decodes History. #Announcement #NewRelease

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

The Latest JTAlert version, 2.13.0 is now available @ https://HamApps.com

This release has a new Decodes History interface, part of the under-development JTAlertV3. The new Decodes History database is significantly different and is not compatible with the old version database. It will start with an empty database, there is no option for migrating old data across to the new version.

The usage and features of the new Decodes History are documented in a standalone help file, not part of the main JTAlert help file, use the "Help" menu of the DH window.

Settings for the new Decodes History are also contained in a standalone window, not part of the main JTAlert Settings window, use the "File -> Settings" menu of the DH window.

The Release Notes...
  New Features:
    - New Decodes History (part of the under development JTAlertV3).
    - Callsign highlighting within the WSJT-X Band Activity panel. Callsigns are
      coloured, matching the alert color for the Callsign in the main JTAlert window.
       (Default: ON, Window: Settings, Section: Applications, WSJT-X).
    - N3FJP Contest Logs no longer require the mode override being set.
       JTAlert now shows the correct Callsign/DXCC/State Bands worked status for
       the current WSJT-X DXCall.
    - Option to enable logging of WSJT-X sent and received Contest exchanges.
       (Default: OFF, Window: Settings, Section: Logging. "Log WSJT-X Contest
        Exchanges" checkbox under Logging Options).
       (Note: DXKeeper does log these Contest exchanges, but does not use them
        when creating its Cabrillo file. It is recommnded that DXKeeper is not
        used for Contest logging via JTAlert. HRD and Log4OM have not been
        tested to see if they exhibit the same behaviuour as DXKeeper)

    - WSJT-X sent and received Contest exchanges (SRX_STRING & STX_STRING)
       are no longer automatically logged to DXKeeper, HRD V5/V6 or Log4OM.
       ACLog, ADIF & N3FJP Contest Logs are not affected by this.
       See the New Features above for a description of the applicable setting.
    - N3FJP RTTY Roundup Contest Log enabled status in JTAlert title text
      changed from "RCL" to "RRCL".
    - Last QSO ADIF UDP transmission can now be disabled.

    - WSJT-X 2.0.0 Special Operation Mode status incorrectly shown in JTAlert
       titlebar text when running against JTDX.
    - Setup not showing install path selection page if JTAlert already installed.
    - QSL flags/stripes not painted for some callsigns. This was typically seen
       on busy bands when JTAlert was set for multiple callsign display lines
       with less than 9 callsigns per line.
    - Marathon Scan Log randomly not identifying previosuly worked WAE Countries
       like IT9 Sicily.
    - Blocked Spotting popup message showing incorrect non-https web link.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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