locked Single Clicking Call Signs

Ed Wilson


I currently use both WSJT-X and JTDX with JTAlert. I like the feature of JTDX that allows me to filter call signs so that only calls with CQ/RR73/73 show up in the band activity window. I also like the feature that only allows calls that have been filtered as indicated to be sent to JTAlert via UDP.

I have noted that when I click on a call with CQ that JTDX initiates a transmission to that station. When I click on a call that contains RR73 or 73 however, no action is taken by JTDX. I was wondering if this is a limitation of JTAlert, and if so, is there some good reason why it could not be implemented in a future update?

Thanks again for your excellent software!

Ed, K0KC


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