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On 10/02/2019 8:33 am, Michael Black via Groups.Io wrote:
Laurie -- the new "!" for updates isn't very noticeable.

Any reason we can't have a popup when you load the program to tell you what updates are available with a weblink built in?


I am not very keen on application popups during startup.

A check on an update requires an Internet lookup and depending on the user environment or the state of the update hosting server at the time, this can cause unwanted delays to the startup. or hangs if the Server is down. JTAlert works around the possible slow or failed internet access by performing the update check in a separate process, that runs while JTAlert is doing its thing. I would rather not have a popup show sometime after JTAlert has started and potentially while processing decodes.

A popup that is shown once every X times JTAlert has been started (to avoid user annoyance with a popup every startup, like WSJT-X and its ver 2.0 warning) is likely where I will go, but it will need to be such that it doesn't interfere with normal JTAlert operation and doesn't slow or hang the startup. Likely I will show a popup as JTAlert is closing.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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