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Mike Steiner

That doesn’t quote make sense to me. I’m sorry. This happens right at start up of JTAlert and even after reboots and start-up’s of Smart SDR and the computer.

It only started to happen after the darn windows update. 


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Hello Mick,
I have +/- the same problem, since the beginning of this year, after 1 hour or more of inactivity in "TX", I blocked the decoding, wsjtx which causes blocking jtalert, I also have a flex 6700, the only solution I found is to stop the flex and resume it quickly not to deconect wsjtx, and it's gone



ON5PO, janny

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After a nice nightmare of a windows update (I have flex SDR Radio and had to redo the DAX drivers a few times to finally get them to work again) I noticed that now on JTalert I don’t have the menu settings or the band active on the top like I used to.



I reinstalled JTAlert but that didn’t help. F11 does work and all the settings look correct. I did a few reboots and still doesn’t show up.  (Of course if I choice a active band it does decodes and the announcements do work)


If I have to uninstall and reinstall how to I keep my workedB4 file? I don’t want to dump that.




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