locked Re: NULL Country for TO7D

Jim Reisert AD1C

On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 4:43 PM Jim Reisert AD1C wrote:

There is something wrong with my software. TO7D should have been
added to the country file(s) on January 14, but it was not:
I found the problem! My data file had some unwanted blank space
characters in it. The software was checking for those, and writing
the errors to a log file, but nothing looked for errors in that log
file! I moved the check somewhere else where any such problem will
cause an obvious failure very early on, that must be dealt with
(fixed) before continuing.

I'll be releasing a new country file in the next day or so.

Jim Reisert AD1C, <jjreisert@alum.mit.edu>, http://www.ad1c.us

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