locked JTAlert 2.12.10 “Not Responding”

Vern NJ8L

Equipment lineup. JTAlert 2.12.10, WSJT-X 2.0.0, HRD (no rig control), TS-2000, Signalink USB, Win 7

All works first few QSOs/logging. The JTAlert then fails to display WSJT-X decodes after logging a QSO. Selecting the Alert status bar shows “not responding “. After a few sessions Alert will start displaying correctly while JT-x always decoded while Alert was not responding. Makes no difference if double clicking on the call sign in JT-X or JTAlert when selecting the new QSO partner. 

Any suggestion(s) as to where I can look to point me in the direction to rectify this problem?

Vern - NJ8L

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