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HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 24/01/2019 2:37 am, Bill Engel wrote:
It appears that JTAlert is logging PJ4P as Curacao instead of Bonaire.  The XML lookup from qrz.com shows Bonaire.

Bill K5DHY

Bill sorry, but your mistaken.

JTAlert correctly identifies PJ4P as Bonaire (DXCC - 520) for both decoding and logging.
The problem is that the XML data from QRZ.com is incorrect, listing the DXCC as 517, Curacao
There is nothing that JTAlert can do if the QRZ listing maintainer gets it wrong. "Garbage In = Garbage Out".



Logging (without XML lookup)...


Logging after the QRZ XML Lookup...


While the QRZ webpage shows Bonaire, that is only the address field typically used for QSLing, but can be used for other purposes. This is not the XML data.


The QRZ XML data contains a dxcc field that identifies the Country. For PJ4P this has been entered wrong.


de Laurie VK3AMA

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