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On 19/01/2019 8:17 am, Rick wrote:

Is there some documentation on JTAlert? I read the description of Worked B-4 in the JTAlert options, and if that is true, I might have a in house problem because I have not seen anything other than signal reports. I even changed my date to 2018 on the “ignore before” date and still nothing on stations that I KNOW I have worked. Probably just a tic somewhere but I don’t know where!!!!


Rick, W5FKW

B4 checks are done against the logger you have set within JTAlert. If JTAlert is not showing B4's then likely you have JTAlert pointing at the wrong log file. Depending on the Logger, JTAlert will automatically determine the log file location, but other Loggers require that you set the path to the log file.

What Logger do you have set in JTAlert

de Laurie VK3AMA

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