locked One issue and one enquiry

David Gould

I have found JTAlert most helpful in finding new band/slots and new band/states and band/zones.  I have one issue and one enquiry.

Regularly the box that pops up from the top RHS of the main window (pink green and blue) sticks in the extended position and does not retract.  Is there a way to either 1) Force it to retract or 2) disable this pop-up completely as I don't have a use for it. At present I have to close and restart JTALert.

If I leave the system monitoring a band, I use the decode history window to see if I have missed anything while I have been away from the shack.  I am only really interested in any decodes that have an alert set for them.   Is there any other way to see this small subset in a different way, or.. is there a way to limit what goes into the decode history window (eliminating in order, the plain rows, or the the grey rows) or increase the capacity of the file above 2000 which typically fills up in 1-2 hours on a busy band.

Using W7 and V2.12.10 on a fast desktop machine (i7 8GB and SSD)


Dave  G3UEG

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