locked Re: N3FJP RTTY RU Logger- Simple Correction

Herschel Hall

If you set up the AC logging screen in JT Alert like the example, using the remote networked PC button it works fine using TCP port 1100. 
Remember you can ONLY have AC log's RTTY Roundup contest log program running, it will not work if your AC log program is running at same time.

On Sat, Jan 5, 2019 at 10:58 AM <etolpin@...> wrote:

What was not immediately obvious to me was that when you are using the JTAlert with the N3FJP RTTY RU Logger is that you must change the TCP port on the remote PC configuration from 1100 to 8000 which is under ACLog under messaging in JTAlert. If you leave the port at 1100, there is no transfer of data from the WSFT-X program to this logger. Once the port is changed, the ATAlert puts the data right into the N3FJP RTTY RU  logger.

For those of us changed by computer ports, this can be a big stumbling block.
Thank you once again for your fine program.

Gene, WA3V

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