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On 4/01/2019 1:20 pm, Bernd - KB7AK wrote:
I followed the setup instructions in the help file and I still have the problem that the State/Province field is blank. If I simulate logging a QSO by clicking on Log QSO in WSJT and fill in the blanks, Rpt S, Rpt R, Exch S, and Exch R, then the QSO gets logged correctly with the state filled in. I will wait until Saturday to check how this works in the real world.
Please describe the steps your performing that result in no State transfer. Are the Log QSO window exchanges fields correctly populated, I suspect they aren't.

If your manually entering the exchanges in the WSJT-X Log QSO window and they are correctly logged. This indicates that the non-manual method your using is likely not filling in those exchanges. How are you performing your tests?

In the setup instructions, the title bar is described as having two additional codes set based on the contest. Based on the description I would expect those two codes to state "[RRL]" and "[RU]", mine are "[RCL]" and "[RU]", so only a match on the second code but not on the first.
"RCL" is correct. There were several iterations of the naming convention before I settled. The help file got out of sync with what JTAlert displays. "RRL" in the help file is incorrect, it should have read "RCL".

de Laurie VK3AMA

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