locked Re: Sound card problem.

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 4/01/2019 5:59 am:
Have installed FT v22 & JT Alertv 2.12.10 All is working except the sound card which is fine on test but no audio when FT8 running. I have reinstalled both FT and JT but still no audio. Can you help please? Thanks

Are you saying the the JTAlert alert sounds are not playing?

If so, than the likely cause is that you don't have Sound files set for the affected Alerts.
Visit each of the Alert types in the Settings Window and check if a sound file is set. You can reset to default (if you have the HamApps Sounds installed) or manually set your own files. You can test each alert sound within the Settings window.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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