locked Windows 10 October Update (1809) is Back

Dave Corio

 Microsoft has been re-releasing their October Windows 10 update that had been recalled shortly after the original release. I upgraded to it today.

The main problem for JTAlert is the loss of part of the menu bar as had been reported when this update was first presented. This is easily solved by installing the "AL" version of JTAlert. There were several minor issues as well:

"Onedrive" is defaulted to "On". Uninstalled it as I use a different off-site storage.
All my custom fonts for Windows were returned to default system fonts.
My custom scrollbar widths were also returned to default system settings.
There are a couple of "new" items taking up resources, such as "Microsoft Text Entry" showing up in Task Manager. Have to track them down.
The Windows Defender antivirus appears to have some cosmetic changes although seems to operate the same.

All my drives, internal & remote, were intact. COM ports haven't changed, and audio paths (IC-7200 USB) and RealTek onboard were also intact.

The sky didn't fall and the earth is still rotating! The update took about  3 hours on 1M cable modem, and another hour to track down the listed issues.

73 es Happy New Year to all!
Dave - KB3MOW

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