locked Re: File header <EOH> in lastqso.adi

Larry Knain

The ADIF spec does not require a header be present which would mean Swisslog is not conformant with the ADIF spec. The ADIF spec has been that way for several years.

From the ADIF 3.0.6 spec:

IV.A.2. ADI File Structure

An ADI file begins with an optional Header followed by one or more Records:


73, Larry W6NWS

On 11/3/2018 9:17 AM, Tom Ramberg via Groups.Io wrote:
It happens from time to time that my logger doesn't log a qso properly, and the easiest way to handle it is just importing the lastqso.adi file.

My logger (Swisslog for Windows) won't import unless there is a file header, so I have to add a first line:
I have also noticed the same when using N1MM+.

Is it possible to get that inserted  by JTAlert?

73 de Tom OH6VDA
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73 de Tom OH6VDA

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