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I searched, and could not find, so apologies if I or someone else has posted this before.   my memory just does not recall if I did post before..  sorry

Anyway, the missing settings...  Prior to version 2.12.6, when you opened settings and clicked on 'Logging'  directly beneath the tick boxes under 'Confirmed / Worked Bands Display' there were Two additional settings under the label 'Logged Frequency',   these settings were 'QRG only'  or  'QRG + DF (true RF)

These selections are no longer there and now my log shows all sorts of weird and wonderful frequencies, which I personally do not like.    Were these selections left off on purpose, or is this an error ???


The 2.12.6 release notes have the answer.

The relevant sections...
    - Option to log QRG only (dial frequency only) has been removed. Frequency
       now logged will always be the true Tx frequency (Dial + df). Note: Since
       WSJT-X doesn't provide the Rx frequency in the logged QSO packet, the Rx
       frequency logged will be the Tx frequency.

    - Incorrect logging of dial & df (reported via the WSJT-X status packet) when
       Band is changed before finalising logging of the last QSO. That is the WSJT-X
       Log QSO window is open, the Band is changed before logging the QSO via the
       OK button on the Log QSO window.

Unless WSJT-X changes in the future (which I doubt) to include the dial freq and DF in the Logged QSO data packet, than this change in JTAlert behaviour is permanent and unlikely to be reversed.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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