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Hi Jim,

Thanks for that. I am starting to appreciate why Simon abandoned HRD, lots of unresolved bugs!

HRD log is the only log I know, that when fields are empty, it populates with garbage, it doesn't actually test for missing data and set the field blank. For instance, the 10-10 field, it is legitimate to have this field blank when in HRDLog. JT-Alert doesn't set that field, so HRD decides to set it as "1246576928"!!  This is similar to the SWL setting, no data in the SWL field of the log sets the QSO as SWL and once set as SWL, changing that in the log doesn't stick, the log file has to be manually edited (another HRD bug). So the garbage data is caused by HRD.

Having said all that. I now know where to look and what to look for in the HRD log file, and will be able to produce a fix so that future logged QSOs wont have this garbage data.

73 de Laurie, VK3AMA

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They aren’t vital fields, but on my system [Window 7, HRD 5 Beta 2893] I get garbage in:

Age, 10-10, Ant Az, Ant El, My Lat, My Long, Num Pings, Num Bursts, Max Bursts.


The weird thing is that Age, for instance, is populated with “1246576928” and I figured I could bulk filter on ages greater than 125 and then bulk repair the entries, but HRD filtering doesn’t seem to work on those fields.

I don’t know enough about the HRD MS Access data file.  I’m assuming that whatever fields JT-Alert doesn’t populate are just left with garbage in them. (?)


Jim – N4ST



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Care to elaborate. "There are several fields of invalid data when JT-Alert fills out the HRD Log"
First I have heard of this.

There was the issue of QSOs being flagged as SWL, that is corrected in 1.5.1.  HRD is the only logger I have encountered where you explicitly have to tell it a QSO is NOT an SWL. All other loggers I have tested (if they support SWL QSOs) set a special flag to indicate SWL. That is why that one slipped pass me in HRD.

Laurie, VK3AMA

On 23-October-2011 22:47, Jim - N4ST wrote:

If you want to move an existing JT65-HF log (previous QSOs) to HRD:

1)      Create a log in HRD, if you haven’t already done so.

2)      Right click in HRD on the log to bring up a menu and select ‘Import’.

3)      Supply the path/filename to your existing JT-65 log and proceed to pull them in.


Setup JT-Alert 1.51 properly and all of your future logging will be sent to your HRD5 log automatically.

There are several fields of invalid data when JT-Alert fills out the HRD Log, but these can be bulk corrected later if it bugs you.


Jim – N4ST



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OK I admit I must be a dummy, but I'll be darn if I can figure out how
to get my JT65-HF QSO's to my HRD 5 Logbook. I have 1.0.7 JT65HF
installed and 1.5.1 of JT-Alert. I searched the Group but nothing I
find has yet to sink in.
- Do I have to manually export the Log first, if so how is this done?
- I got the sense that in JT-Alert 1.5.1, some of this process was
made easier. What do I have to do to move the QSO's to HRD Logbook?
- Need to hook up with someone who has figured out this process and
can walk me though it.
- Running Win7, 64bit PC
Tnx and 73, Paul, KC2NYU

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