locked Re: JTALERT Audio Alert

Stephen - K6SJT

Hi Michael, we each have our own way of operating but just wanted to share that I like to have the DXCC alert on all the time so when I hear a DX station alert I can begin watching as their QSO advances. I can then call him/her as soon as they send their 73 or RR73. I find that with many DXCC stations they rarely send a CQ because they’re busy responding to everyone calling them.

 I do the same thing with wanted states as I’m currently working to get WAS on 10M, 12M, & 80M (just a handful left to go).  I’ve found calling these wanted stations works pretty well rather than waiting until they send a CQ.


Stephen – K6SJT

FT8 WAS on 15M, 17M, 20M, 30M, 40M & DXCC

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