locked JT-Alert on 160 meters

Ed Wilson


First of all, let me thank you again for all of the effort that you put into JT-Alert!

I do not have an effective antenna on 160 meters, so my WAS total on that band is rather meager. I did fire-up on 160 Saturday night and a station in Virginia (which is checked as a needed state in JT-Alert) answered my CQ. I remembered that I needed Virginia, so I was surprised that an alert did not appear (I have configured JT-Alert to show the desired call with a yellow background and to beep me when I decode a needed state; I also only generate alerts for LOTW stations). I stopped and re-started JT-Alert and sure enough, the alert came through as I would have expected. During my QSO with the first station, another station from Virginia was decoded and he did not generate an alert even though the first station continued to show an alert throughout our QSO. I later worked the second station and as I recall, he did show a normal alert during our QSO. The call sign of the first station in Virginia was N4KWO and the call sign of the second station was KX4P; both stations are LOTW. I am using version 2.0.9 of JT-Alert without the file over-write update that you released recently.

160 meters is the only band where I have observed what appears to be inconsistent behaviour, but I have worked all states on bands other than 160 meters, 12 meters, and 10 meters (thanks to JT-Alert), so I do not have "Needed States" checked on most bands. I have seen other needed states generate alerts normally on 160 meters since Saturday night.


Ed, K0KC

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