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Laurie, VK3AMA <groups03@...>


JT-Alert doesn't log name information unless you have provided it. If the additional log fields are displayed, any data entered there, including the Name will get posted to the log. I typically do a lookup of QRZ via my browser during the QSO and enter any additional detail and also ensuring the State is correct (for US Stations) plus flagging the QSO as QSL requested if wanted, thus avoiding going into my log and entering that data after the Log event.

BTW, if you right-click a decoded call sign, there is an option to do a QRZ lookup, this brings up your default browser on the QRZ info for that callsign. Note: JT-Alert doesn't grab any data from that page, that is left to the user as part of the "filling in time" component of a JT65 QSO.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 23-October-2011 23:34, kc2nyu wrote:

Laurie- Thanks for quick reply and all the work you have done for us, it is much appreciated.
- Yes I am using the MS Access log file. 
- I did not have the "Enable HRD5" box at the top of config page checked.
- So now I get the auto import to my HRD logbook with all the necessary fields filled in except the name of the person.
- I also did an import of older JT65-HF contacts and that worked fine , but again, I did not get names.
- So it would appear that I have almost got it but am missing one last nit in the setup or the process.

Tnx, Paul KC2NYU

Tnx Jim also for your reply

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